DH RFP010 - The Paladin Valet

RFP010 Paladin Valet Service

Project Overview

Create a circle that handles “Paladin Related Activities” - budget oversight, form generation, process documentation, etc.

Related Activities: Organizing, information sharing, sensemaking, decision making processes, Warcamp docs, compensation ops etc.

Supporting Links

DAOhaus Collective Projection of Relative Importance of Objectives (v0.2)

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Expected Goals

Which of the 13 attention points does this address?

  1. Ensure DAO operations run smoothly

Expected Budget (2 month)

Core team
  • 2000 DAI
  • 500 HAUS – locked for 1 year
Bounties and retroactive comp
  • 500 HAUS – locked for 1 year

Expected Timeline

2 months starting July

Metrics on success (deliverables/OKRs)

Proposals should include an engagement plan.

Submission Requirements

  • Team and Roles, monthly comp or bounties
  • Completion Date
  • Roadmap/phases
  • DAO/Safe/Yeeter that will manage the funds
  • How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?
  • Relevant past work or supporting links

Proposal to address RFP010 (Paladin Valet)

This proposal seeks to address RFP010. UI369 will create a bounty board & checklist similar to the one in the Rangers Ho! proposal for RFP009 & RFP003. Any work that can be reasonably assigned to willing bounty-workers will be given out. Otherwise UI369 will perform the work directly.

This is a commitment do whatever is needed to “Ensure DAO operations run smoothly” each month regardless of how much time & effort it takes.

Team and Roles, monthly comp

Monthly Bounty Pool: 2000 DAI, 1200 HAUS

Core Team Monthly Comp
UI369 1000 DAI 600 HAUS

*Some of these funds may be made available as bounties.

Plan: Energize the Paladin Circle

Purpose Statement:

  • “Paladins works to align, organize and empower others to help build the future of organization.”


“Sense the needs of the DAO”, “Provide Service”

Initial Role Structure:

Sobol Editor (Warcamp members should have Discord-linked account)

Completion Date:
August 31, 2022


Ongoing Activities
  • Weekly sensemaking & task collection
  • Compensation related proposal generation
  • HAUS comp calculations & Hedgy dispersals
  • Generate Financial Oversight documents & spreadsheets on demand
  • Support warcampers through DAO-sponsored processes such as RFP & retro compensation requests
  • Energize roles in - Paladins Sobol
  • Teamwide approximate hours per week: 4-6

    Potential coordinated activities if budget, time & bounties allows:

    Support RFP03 by documenting processes & practices that work.

    Safe that will manage funds
    New DAO or minion

    How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?

    If we work good, DAOhaus works good. This provides UI369 with budget to do the things he’s been doing anyway - organizing, documenting & supporting our decision-making & budget processes.

    Relevant past work or supporting links