DH RFP 009 - Brand & Awareness

Brand & Awareness Request for Proposal

Project Overview

Create a circle that maintains and improves our brand & awareness within the larger ecosystem. This includes engaging with our audience, customers, peers & developer communities through social media, articles & events.

Potential Related Activities: PR, swag, social media management, DAOhaus evangelism, Moloch DAO evangelism, other marketing, Warcamp & UberHaus docs, building legitimacy/authority

Supporting Links

DAOhaus Collective Projection of Relative Importance of Objectives (v0.2)

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Expected Goals

Which of the 13 attention points does this address?

  1. Strengthen DAOhaus brand and awareness
  2. Build partnerships with external organizations
  3. Contribute to DAO public goods

Expected Budget (2 month)

Core team
  • 3800 DAI
  • 500 HAUS – locked for 1 year
Bounties and retroactive comp
  • 500 HAUS – locked for 1 year

Expected Timeline

2 months starting July

Metrics on success (deliverables/OKRs)

Proposals should include an engagement plan. Plan should include some or all of the following engagement methods & corresponding metrics:

Tweets - engagement rates, followers
Articles & Reports - open rates, read rates
Videos - watch time
Documentation - open rates, read time
Discord/Community Management - new members, messages answered
Events - attendance, calls to action

Submission Requirements

  • Team and Roles, monthly comp or bounties
  • Completion Date
  • Roadmap/phases
  • DAO/Safe/Yeeter that will manage the funds
  • How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?
  • Relevant past work or supporting links
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Proposal to address RFP009 (Rangers Ho!)

This proposal seeks to address RFP003 using the Rangers Ho! Bounty Model. This new circle is also bidding on RFP009. In the event that one or both proposals are accepted, the circle will form and incorporate the work & funds for the appropriate proposal(s) into the Bounty Model.

Team and Roles, monthly comp

Monthly Bounty Pool: 1900 DAI, 500 HAUS

Core Team

Bounty Tasks
A weekly meeting will generate a work schedule with role/task assignments for the week using a bounty-board style project management system. These tasks may be assigned directly at weekly sync ups or placed on a bounty board for bids.

Compensation will be apportioned by task based on work performed at a rate ranging from $50 to $100 depending on type of work.

This is outcome-based work, not an hourly rate, but assumes that each task should represent around 1 hour of work.

Initial rate chart:

  • Drafts: $50
  • Editing: $50
  • Final Draft & Publishing: $75
  • Graphic Design: $100
  • Video Editing: $100
  • Event Hosting: $75
  • Standards, Facilitation & Admin: $50
    *Awarded compensation will be budgeted weekly: approximately $400/week
    *Rates may be adjusted by core team based on feedback from contributors
    *An additional 1000 locked HAUS will be held for potential haus-only bounties (any unused balance will be returned at the end of the month).

Rangers Ho!
This model allows for work to be “outsourced” to our current Ranger team. Some amount of this work (such as writing an article or generating a tweet thread) will be made available to the extended Ranger team each month.

Brand & Awareness Circle
Purpose Statement:

  • “Maintain and improve our brand & awareness within the larger ecosystem.”


  • “Spread the word about how awesome DAOhaus is”
  • “Make connections”
  • “Educate & Illuminate”


  • This team will use a role-based organization captured in Sobol.
  • Roles will be created and updated as needed.
  • Roles will clarify expectations for any task-assigned contributor.
  • The resulting roles will capture the organizational memory of this operation, describing the essential elements needed to increase DAOhaus brand and awareness for future efforts.
  • Roles may be multi-filled.

Initial Role Structure:
Sobol Editor (Warcamp members should have Discord-linked account)

Completion Date:
August 31, 2022


Category Outputs
Ongoing Activities
  • 30m weekly meeting between UI369 & 01000011 to allocate priorities & budgets
  • Collect a “weekly roundup” of DAOhaus activities and tweet it out once per week
  • Publish a short article (500-1000 words) on Substack every 2 weeks
  • Publish 100 word “DAO of the Week” piece for Gnosis newsletter
  • Discord - share articles & tweets in appropriate channels
  • Metrics
  • Continue to collect Ranger metrics
  • Other Activities if budget allows
  • Haus-party style community events
  • Documentation & Core docs improvements
  • Video generation - record live events or explainers
  • Generate a list of key discord channels and monitor daily/weekly
  • Teamwide approximate hours per week: 4-8

    Potential coordinated activities if budget allows:

        Haus Party Live Weekly
            Structure is set up, takes less than an hour to set up.
            Involve contributors willing to receive 100% Haus 
            Make a point to record and save this for content pipeline
    Content Output
        Regular Tweets
            Add efficiency with a “weekly roundup” collection channel on Discord
            Turn this into 1 weekly Monday tweet
            1 Retweet of existing content each Thursday
            Possible tweets of important, urgent timely happenings (event promotion, etc).
        Prioritize backlog to support v3 dev objectives
        Use our backlog to create a draft > review > final draft pipeline
        Create 1 piece of high quality content every 2 weeks.
            Share on Substack
            Tweet it out
    Discord/Community Management
        Use limited time budget to monitor key channels
        Encourage volunteerism in discord
        Use Discord to broadcast tweets & article outputs
        Continue to collect Ranger metrics
        Document results of above activities and report to the DAO

    Safe that will manage funds
    New Brand & Awareness DAO - to be summoned

    How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?

    As v3 prepares to launch, there will be many opportunities to share updates that help our users & development teams prepare. This will warm the community to our launch & potentially generate partnerships for funding future development.

    By focusing on partnerships & shoutouts such as through the DAO of the Week initiative, we warm our connections with other teams & communities. This keeps DAOhaus top-of-mind within the DAO ecosystem.

    By generating articles that primarily inform & educate about DAOhaus features, we help teams make the case to use and integrate with DAOhaus. Much of this content exists already and can be repackaged easily into fresh, new content.

    The weekly roundup tweet thread gives us a low-overhead way to highlight our successes and signal to external partners the best way for them to work with us.

    The flexible nature of this plan will allow us to promote as needed and continue to engage our very talented Ranger team.

    Relevant past work or supporting links