DH RFP 007 - Home Page Revamp

Project overview

DAOhaus is working towards shipping v3 and would benefit from an improved website that showcases what DAOhaus does, the powerful products its created (boosts and minions), and the community-first culture.

These improvements would optimize for conversions (launching a DAO, joining the Discord, developing on DAOhaus) and contribute to increased adoption before and during the launch of DAOhaus v3.

Current Status

The v1 mockup is currently sitting around 65-70% complete and needs to go through additional copy refinements, design (creating icons, developing the look and feel), and a more formal feedback gathering process via presentation at warcamp.

Once look and feel, information flow, and copy is formalized on v1, we can replicate the same flow to create a developer-focused page. This would complete the main objective of the project and the template could be replicated for the “marketplace” and “token” pages if necessary.

Depending on budget and time, there is also an opportunity to create case studies around DAOs that use DAOhaus. This would act both as social proof on the website and content that can be marketed on social media.

Supporting Links

Submitted by and contact

  • Kagami

  • Add

Expected Goals (include which of the 13 attention points this addresses)

The home page revamp will contribute to the current overall goals of DAOhaus by supporting v3 launch while strengthening brand awareness, communication, and ideally adoption of the DAOhaus platform.

The website will focus on the DAOhaus platform (as a home for purpose-driven DAOs), the tooling that DAOhaus is creating (boost, minions), and the community. These value propositions will help drive adoption of DAOhaus, especially as v3 drives additional awareness and traffic.

There is also a case to be made that an improved home page may contribute to DAOhaus funding. If investors, grant organizations, and supporters do their due diligence, the improved website will be one of the many areas they vet.

Expected Budget

Proposed total budget for July

  • Total Compensation

  • DAI: $4,000

  • HAUS: $2,500

Compensation breakdown

  • Bau - copy, editing, coordination, website collateral (testimonials, demo video, etc)

  • DAI: $1,000

  • HAUS: $1000

  • Kagami - copy, editing, project management, proposal

  • DAI: $2,000

  • HAUS: $1,000

  • Chiali - design (tentative)

  • DAI: $1,000

  • HAUS: $500

  • Christina (borrowland) - on the house, for the vibes

Expected Timeline


  • v1 mockup finalized

  • copy edited and approved

  • design elements added

  • 1-2 rounds of feedback gathered


  • developer mockup finalized

  • copy written, edited, and approved

  • design elements added (icons)

  • 1-2 rounds of feedback gathered

Metrics on success


  • v1 mockup finalized + approved by warcamp


  • develop mockup finalized + approved by warcamp

Launch Metrics

  • reduced bounce rate
  • improve on-site time
  • increase in DAOs summoned
  • increase in Discord members

Looks good. One note on formatting. The initial post should be limited to a Request for Proposal only. So you are posting for the DAO as a client asking for open bids on expected deliverables .

The detailed proposal addressing the Submission Requirements section should be in a follow up reply to this initial post

ah, so first post is just the RFP and then the second post is the actual proposal for the RFP?

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yeah thats right.

replies can have discussions and bid/s(proposal) on the rfp