DH RFP 005: DAO Communications and a proposal for AI-Augmented Content Production

DAO Communications - DH RFP 005

Project overview

Start a “circle” to maintain consistent and clear communication on the internal activities of the DAO for our community. Gather key topics from DAO members and publish content in a swift and efficient manner.

Supporting Links

Submitted by and contact

  • TW - Warcamp Member

Expected Goals

  • Gather important topics from DAO members
  • Utilize a coherent, public, open source kanban project board to track progress and encourage input from the community
  • Draft Tweets on these topics with swift turn around (minutes not hours)
  • Draft blog content on these topics with swift turn around time (hours not days)
  • Draft long-form articles on meta ideas essential to the DAOhaus brand with a swift turn around time (days not weeks)
  • Implement a strong community engagement strategy for our Discord server, including:
    • Spinning up appropriate channels
    • Actively engaging in community there through announcements, questions/answers, divergent food for thought, DAO culture/vibes, etc.

Which of the 13 attention points does this address?

  • Strengthen DAOhaus brand and awareness = 3.2%
  • Strengthen DAOhaus user community = 2.8%

Expected Budget (Monthly)

  • Team: 1k HAUS

Expected Timeline

  • 1 month pilot program to bootstrap infra, test, and gather sentiment on the proposed concept
  • Recurring monthly after that, with the approval of the DAO

Metrics of Success (Deliverables/OKRs)

  • Evangelize Moloch/DAOs/Brand
  • Document and present ongoing internal reorganization, building, and significant community events
  • Significantly reduce the amount of human coordination and related costs
  • Ship higher quality written content at a faster rate than we have ever witnessed before

Submission Requirements

  • Team and Roles, monthly comp
  • Completion Date
  • Roadmap/Phases
  • DAO/Address that will manage the funds
  • How does this fit into the DAOs short/medium/long term goals?
  • What opportunities does it create?

Submission to DH RFP 005: DAO Communications: Artificial Intelligence Augmented Ranger(s)

Team and Roles, monthly comp

  • TW: Copywriter - $1k HAUS/month to start, renegotiated based on the sentiment of the DAO before moving into phase 2
  • GPT-3: Co-writer - $0k, although the use of the service does come with a fee. The first month will test the parameters and prepare to provide a detailed economic breakdown if the initiative is continued to phase 2.

Completion Date

  • Begin immediately (July) to bootstrap
  • Continues indefinitely, or until the DAO decides to replace the strategy with something else

Brief Workstream Description

  • TW will supervise GPT-3 in writing all the necessary copy for the DAO.
  • Topics from the DAO will be provided to GPT-3 as prompts to produce short- and long-form text.
  • The AI output will be directed and carefully edited by TW, maintaining clear human accountability for the final deliverables.


Phase 1:
  • Brief weekly syncs will be held to add new articles to the Github board, prioritize/triage based on that week’s priorities, and determine a weekly work flow
  • TW + GPT-3 will draft 3 Tweets/week, 1 blog/week, 1 long-form editorial/week, and whatever other supplemental copy text the DAO might require (website copy, flavor text, announcements, etc.)
  • The drafts will be proof-read by any/all DAO members that wish to add their input, on a volunteer basis
  • Feedback and necessary revisions will be implemented by TW
  • Content will be published collectively as DAOhaus on the appropriate social channels
  • Output of the project will be collected, presented, and evaluated at the end of July
Phase 2:
  • If the project is deemed successful or sufficiently promising, the publication flow may be increased to whatever rate of output the DAO determines appropriate, at a maximum of 1 Tweet/day, 1 blog post/day, 1 article/day, along with any additional copywriting that might be required for other DAOhaus initiatives

DAO/Address that will Manage the Funds

  • 0x2619c649d98DDdDBB0B218823354FE1D41bF5Ce0

How does this Fit into the DAOs Short/Medium/Long-term Goals?

  • Short: Rangers have historically consumed a disproportionate amount of resources in relation to the content they have generated. This initiative will reduce the Rangers circle down to two contributors (one human, one synth) while significantly increasing output, thereby saving the DAO money and generating clear cultural value.
  • Medium: DAOhaus will be shipping a suite of incredible products in the coming weeks, participating in a variety of international DAO events, fund raising across the ecosystem, participating in the conversation about the Moloch v3 Baal release, and many other initiatives. We need to secure a cost- and time-efficient workflow for reporting on these activities that reduces the bureaucratic overhead and keeps up with the pace of production.
  • Long:
    • If the GPT-3 supplemented content publication iniative is successful, phase 2 will include a Discord community strategy for ongoing communication and engagement with folks that come on to the server. GPT-3 can be mobilized (under careful supervision) to handle the text of these communications. The output might be captured to supplement our DH docs or towards developing a Discord bot.
    • GPT-3 is built with OpenAI API, which might prove to be incredibly beneficial across numerous content writing initiatives of the DAO. If this pilot is successful, we might consider building upon this API to further adapt GPT-3 to our own uses, including a variety of Magesmith use cases:
      • natural language to code
      • code explanation in our DH docs
      • custom Discord support bot integrated into our products
      • internal-use code bug hunter
      • quickly calculating the time-to-complexity of Paladins strategies
      • etc.

What Opportunities does it Create?

  • A steady output of high quality written content at unprecedented speed
  • AI research opportunities for various DAOhaus (and wider DAO ecosystem) use cases
  • A fun, exciting, emergent topic of conversation for Warcamp
  • Leading the way in welcoming non-human agents to participate in the DAO community, following in the tradition of minions, shamans, and the like.
  • A radical redirection of Rangers funds towards other more essential initiatives across the DAO

Example Outputs

  • The following demonstrate content produced by TW+GPT-3 in just a few seconds while preparing this proposal.


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Gotta say I really like this idea and I hope you get this.

Okay, this just caught my eyes entirely. Any specific channel where this is being/will be discussed?

Not yet. Just pulled it out of the clear blue yonder, but I’d love to jam with you on whatever you are thinking.

I’ve been playing with that program, pretty cool. The integration with logseq works well.

wow this is cool and DOPE!