Deposit more HAUS in the Foundations DAO

It would be cool to deposit some more HAUS from our community fund into the foundations DAO.

It has had a great turn out and adding some more rewards could show the power of DAO.

Depositing more HAUS would act as a instant distro to all members by increasing their economic fairshare on ragequit.

Currently around 1500 members.

Thinking we could do a KPI kind of reward, something like for each new twitter follow up to 10k we would deposit 1 HAUS. pretty simple example but what would be some other good campaigns for them?

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Excellent opportunity for community growth. And a way to model the actions we would like to see in the communities these members join and form.


  • What are the behaviors we want to encourage within the Foundations DAO?
  • How can we incentivize activities that make each iteration better?
  • How can we incentivize weeding out bad actors?
  • Can we distribute some HAUS for tipping?


  • proof-of-dao (incentivize summoning)
  • proof-of-work (incentivize contribution)


  • Followers
  • Retweets
  • Mentions