DAO Membership Proposals thread

If you want to join the DAO! Or pledge for more shares! Propose us your membership :slight_smile:

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 ecosystem?
  2. Why do you want to join Uberhaus DAO? If you are peldging for more shares why do you want to do that?
  3. What is your pledge size? (500 HAUS minimum pledge for DAOs, maximum 4000 HAUS)
  4. What else should we know about your DAO?
  5. You will need to pledge in HAUS, although if your community has a token that might work as well. What are your ideas here?
  6. Go to your allies page in daohaus to pledge (little handshake icon)
  7. Share a link to your DAO and any socials, discord, telegram, etc
  8. Have you already made a proposal to the DAO? share the link


If I pledge funds and apply for membership but don’t get accepted, do I get to keep my funds?
Yes, your DAO keeps it all.

How long does it take for me to become a member?
A membership proposal takes 3 weeks.

How else can I become a UberHaus DAO member?
Check these docs for more info. https://docs.daohaus.club/


Hey guys ! This is tao , a BUIDL :crossed_swords: and also delegate of Cedge DAO . And this is my Application :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Cedge is a BUIDL DAO and is a newcomer to web3 world . We have been participating in various hackathons like ETHGlobal and Dorahack . Also , we also participate in various bounty like thegraph , polygon , mina and others .
  2. We want to apply more share and eligible for full membership of Uberhaus DAO . We have staked 900 $Haus in uberdao and owned 900 share . Now we want to tribute 900 $Haus and request 900 share so that we have 1800 $Haus meaning we will be rich in Chinese :moneybag:
  3. We have been studying geek technology like MEV and Algo stablecoin . Also , we will BUIDL something coool about DeFi , NFT , layer2 or others .

you’re going to want to submit a proposal to the DAO itself here: https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x64/0x4bec8e49aa44bb520bd5e29d6358e22464b5eb68/proposals/new

They already did. It’s good practice to submit a forum post providing more context behind a DAO proposal. And even better to start with a forum post to engage with the existing community and get social consensus before submitting a DAO proposal :wink:


Hello all! We’ve been lucky enough to be included in UBERHAUS as genesis members, but would like to stake a few extra HAUStokens in the DAO… if that’s alright with everyone!

Our DAO is Shenanigans (no relation to the other shenanigans), as a nod to the restaurant featured in the 2005 film “Waiting”. Other than that, our DAO is the self-proclaimed “most pointless DAO on chain.”

We are a small group of close friends ( backgrounds in anthropology, busdev, and front-end design) currently learning about the evolving web3 ecosystem, having been introduced to the scene in late 2020.

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 ecosystem?

We are not professional developers by any means, but are currently working on two projects: the first is a pointless economic experiment dubbed “chaos”, and is really just a learning experience for us. Our second (but actually useful) project is still in the planning and research phase, hence we have not yet started blabbing about it!

  1. Why do you want to join Uberhaus DAO? If you are pledging for more shares why do you want to do that?

I started our pointless DAO to learn more about DAOHAUS first hand, quickly seeing the long-term potential that such a user-friendly approach to DAO creation and management could have on our existing social systems. Hence, I wanted to support the project by staking some HAUS. When reviewing staking options, it seemed staking in uberhaus provided the best yield, so this was the most logical option.

  1. What is your pledge size?

We want to stake a whopping 4 additional HAUS, in exchange for 4 additional shares.

  1. What else should we know about your DAO?

Not too much, but anyone is more than welcome to join… we just ask that language in any on-chain proposals stick with the shenanigans restaurant theme!
DAO Address: 0xbc6e6d82ce1610cb55b15fa932a93d8434ef9b6e

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