DAO Data Engineering

To get oriented and understand how to interpret, query, and construct datasets from the Ethereum blockchain I’m using Dune Analytics to explore DAO metrics.

DXdao Origins
Returns launch metrics stated in DXdao launch manifesto.

There were 3 major ways to receive REP during the launch phase:

380k in lock drops rewarded for depositing ETH (80k) or other ERC20 tokens (300k) for a two week period

500k from trading on the DutchX exchange and registering MGN

100k for purchasing REP with GEN

399 Ethereum addresses participated in the initial REP distribution. Since then, one address self-slashed theirs and an additional 27 addresses have earned REP by contributing to DXdao, which has inflated total REP by 30% to 1,297,845.43 REP as of August 2020.

This thread will be used to discuss and update the development of queries to return and verify this data from the Ethereum blockchain.

Link to Dune Analytics query

Link to DXdao manifesto