Creating a DEX pool for RAID :: WETH

We are going to support RAID liquidity with ~$30k of WETH (10 WETH) on honeyswap.

This will involve 4 separate proposals, which we’ll stack on top of each other to save time. All told, this process will take a little over 5 days.


  1. Move WETH to the RAID Vault Minion
  2. Approve honeyswap to transferFrom our WETH
  3. Approve honeyswap to transferFrom our RAID
  4. Create a new pool on honeyswap by depositing 10 WETH and 1M RAID

honeyswap router contract: 0x1C232F01118CB8B424793ae03F870aa7D0ac7f77
RAID contract: 0x18E9262e68Cc6c6004dB93105cc7c001BB103e49
WETH contract: 0x6A023CCd1ff6F2045C3309768eAd9E68F978f6e1


The plan is to pool 10 WETH and 1,000,000 RAID. This will result in the following:

  • A total circulating supply of ~71M RAID (estimated)
  • A RAID price of $0.032 (at current WETH price of $3,200)
  • A RAID market cap of ~$2.2M


There is a lot of uncertainty in how the market will value RAID. Therefore, we are choosing a small and conservative approach to start. Once we learn more about how the market is valuing RAID, we can take more aggressive LPing steps as we deem appropriate.

  • 1M RAID is only 0.77% of our the DAO’s remaining RAID treasury

Small and conservative approach is definitely recommended in this wild market. Not sure how I missed the discussion in the correct RAID channel on this, but I wanted to mention that I appreciate the conservative approach and the work the whole team has done on this launch. It is really fascinating to see how the sausage is made.