Core Strategy Request for Proposal 002

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Core Strategy RFP002

Project overview

Start a circle to build a plan around the ‘strategy’ and ‘ops’ initiatives.

This can be a small team of roles that can focus on ops, research and discovery, to insure smooth operations and present solutions to the greater team on strategies going forward.

Supporting Links

DAOhaus Collective Projection of Relative Importance of Objectives (v0.2)

Submitted by and contact

Dekan and Spencer

Expected Goals

which of the 13 attention points does this address?

  • Extending our runway (fundraising, engaging stakeholders, building partnerships)
  • Treasury management (managing our current runway)
  • Focus on protocol governance
  • DAO ops (ensure dao operations run smoothly, sensemaking, information symmetry)
  • Developing a high level strategy for DAOhaus to guide nearer-term work (inclusive of HAUS token mechanisms)
  • Engaging existing stakeholders (comms/transparency/morale/evangelism)

Expected Budget

Core team
  • 6,500 DAI
  • 1,200 HAUS – locked for 1 year
    • equivalent of ~45% of total $$ budget
Bounties and retroactive comp
  • 1,000 HAUS – locked for 1 year

Expected Timeline

1 month starting July

Metrics on success (deliverables/OKRs)

  • Document and present short, medium and long terms goals and vision. (hub and spoke, camps, skunk haus DAO, etc)
  • Evangelize Moloch/DAOs/Brand
  • Document and present plan on ongoing governance (RFP, haus holder inclusion, UH)
  • feedback/retro survey on successful completion of ops goals
    • enable cross communications between project spokes
    • ensure transparency of core operations
    • smooth operations
    • ensure communication across workflows

Submission Requirements

  • Team and Roles, monthly comp
  • Completion Date
  • Any current work or supporting links
  • Roadmap/phases
  • DAO/Safe/Yeeter that will manage the funds
  • How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO?

This is a proposal to address RFP002

Team and Roles, monthly comp

Dekan 2,000 369
Spencer 4,500 831

An additional 1,000 HAUS* for potential bounties (any unused balance will be returned at the end of the month).

*All HAUS to be locked in Hedgey NFTs for 1 year, for each recipient

Completion Date

July 31, 2022

Any current work or supporting links


Our activities and deliverables are organized by DAOhaus objectives:

Expand our current funding

  1. Initiate (or continue) and report on conversations with 3 or more qualified funding sources

Determine DAOhaus strategy

  1. Generate and present short, medium, and long term DAOhaus vision and goals

Build partnerships with external organizations

  1. Initiate relationships with potential partner organizations and work with the “Ecosystem” working group for continued engagement

Ensure DAO operations run smoothly

  1. Sensemaking and driving information symmetry across Warcamp working groups
  2. Generate and present recommendations for near term Warcamp (or equivalent) operations and decision-making processes, including refinement of the RFP process
    • Likely area for collaboration with other working groups and/or bounties

Set up DAOhaus governance for success

  1. Generate and present recommendations for longer term DAOhaus protocol/ecosystem governance models
    • potentially to include a first draft of a DAOhaus Constitution

Strengthen DAOhaus brand and awareness

  1. DAOhaus & Moloch DAO evangelism
  2. Liaison to YAP DAO

Maintain our current funds

  1. Monitor market conditions and recommend/initiate transactions as appropriate

DAO/Safe/Yeeter that will manage the funds

Gnosis Safe: 0xC084e9b426847e192672Eaa453de4005F0324F08

How does this fit into the short/medium/long term goals of the DAO

See categorization of activities and deliverables by DAOhaus objectives


This is a great idea for a workstream


Candidly, I think its a touch muddled, ie an idealized version might split it into 2 or perhaps 3 separate parts. But IMO more important to get this practice started – even if imperfect – and we can improve as we go. That’s one reason this proposal is only for one month.