🤝 DAOhaus has been integral to the forward progress we have all enjoyed in DAO user experience for awhile now. They are now offering genesis Patron NFTs to those who wish to support its future development and to keep it free for use within our communities.

As DAOhaus is a platform for decentralized communities, probably a majority of which use extensively, I propose we support by swapping HAUS for a genesis Patron NFT, the value of which is 6.9 ETH (~1500 HAUS). I have already asked their team if they would accept HAUS instead of ETH, which they have agreed to with joy.

ASK: 1500 HAUS to support and collect a genesis Patron NFT for UberHaus collection.

Process: For the sake of opportunity/rapidity (there are only 420 available), open to suggestions, but if we can gather soft consensus quickly, some of us can front for UberHaus.


They make good bots that do stuff for us


I support this, has done a lot for the community and this helps to fund the development directly. :+1:

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