Chainverse - Crowdsourced data collection

Two crowdsourced data collection tasks upcoming:

  • Identifying Gnosis SAFE wallets associated with Snapshot DAOs
  • Tagging DAOs by type, i.e. via framework laid out here | Grants, Investment, Social, NFT, Media, Collector, Services, Protocol, Gaming, Entertainment, Events (italicized added)

I think we should consider incentivizing contributions via a token. The token would represent a fractionalized version of what are now shares.

I am thinking the token will eventually accrue value through two mechanisms:

  • We can buyback token with Chainverse revenue
  • Token will (eventually) be redeemable from the treasury for some value.

I am skeptical of offering the token to people who don’t provide labor to the project. If people want to invest I think we should encourage them to invest through the DAO. Anyways, just brainstorming here.