BorrowLucid Membership Proposal

Everdearest MolochDAO members,

Hi, my name is BorrowLucid. It’s been five months since I joined ReallyBoringGuild.

Mostly, I’ve been writing content and keeping up on Discord communications.

I’ve enjoyed writing demonic flavor text the most, but taking care of operations for this last grant round has probably been the most useful.

If you want to take a look at what I’ve actually done, here is a timesheet that I kept from January through April, and here is a project board that I’m currently using and began using towards the end of April.

The reason I’m telling you about what I’ve been up to is because I’m hoping that you won’t mind if I join your DAO.

The main reasons that I think I’d be a good MolochDAO member is because black and red are my favorite colors, I prefer drinking blood from a marble goblet and my chones have cute little demons printed on them.

If you reject my membership proposal, I will cry tears of red wine. Don’t make me cry to harvest the wine, just go to the damn store.

Yours in coordination,


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let’s do this! wen proposal??

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:blush: ttps://