Borrow against your HAUS Hedgey

Headline: Interested in borrowing against your locked HAUS? Would you be open to a user interview?

Hey DAOHaus Friends,

Captnseagraves here, co-founder of the ETHSecurity Community, lead engineer of Gitcoin Grants v0, and current CEO at NiftyApes. I spoke with @spencer about this is morning and he encouraged me to post about this here.

NiftyApes is working with Hedgey Finance to put together an offering for DAO contributors who lock their tokens in a hedgey NFT to borrow against them and get liquidity now.

General flow:

  1. Lock HAUS tokens and earn an x% matching bonus via Hedgey
  2. Borrow against your hedgey at x > y % rate via NiftyApes
  3. Repay your loan at any time, or make interest payments and maintain a rolling line of credit. (Basically a credit card backed by your hedgey).

Value props:

  1. Live like Bezos. Don’t sell your assets, borrow against them. Get liquidity without incurring a taxable event.
  2. Increase the time-value of your HAUS. Borrow against it to increase potential gains now and have exposure on the upside of HAUS in the future.
  3. Maintain voting rights of your HAUS.
  4. No oracles, no liquidation risk. Only lose your hedgey if you fail to repay your loan by the end of the duration.

If you are interested in this offering, would you be open to doing a user interview with us? We are in the early stages of productizing this offering and your feedback would be invaluable in bring it to market. Please reach out to captnseagraves#0891 on discord and if so. We would love to talk to you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post :pray: Hope to talk with you soon.



Howdy @captnseagraves

Permission to come aboard

Yes and Yes. Will hit you up on Discord

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