Applying for a grant to list our token


We genuinely need your sponsorship and or partnership.

We need liquidity to boost our GTPS currency.[]

Our wallet address 0x50Deb1Aa94034f4f696Ac11e37d881d4F2B9a10f

Or provide directly by buying our GTPS

Thank you we greatly appreciate that.

Just you know we have potential and this could be a great opportunity for you too: we are the only project with rights to print our own fiat/paper money as well as stipulated in our constitution.

I am the founder and CEO

We are Gtps.Finance [] a project to link defi to centralised financial systems.

We aim to introduce a new system of global governance and financial planning.

One that will make it compulsory for all nations on earth to use two currencies as mandatory.

One; our digital currency: Global Transaction Payment Solution [GTPS] and country’s own fiat plus if they wish their own digital currency as well.

This is Tomorrow’s World Order’s {parent company] goal in order to solve global problems and increase wealth and economic growth to levels we can only imagine now.

\ 113x160 THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order by David Gomadza - Books on Google Play

THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order - Ebook written by David Gomadza. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order.

We aim to make GTPS the official digital currency of the world.


Global Transaction Payment Solution

worlds; the centralised and the decentralised systems of financial planning and

We intend to make GTPS and Futuregoldcoin FCI the new reserve currencies to replace the US$.

We intend to be the overseers of the world in order to take humanity out of the defensive stage in which we are in: to a new advanced stage of technological development.

Our digital currency GTPS has now been listed on Vindax Exchange as a first step. We intend to list it on top 10 exchanges as well.

We genuinely need your sponsorship and or partnership.

We need liquidity to pump our GTPS currency.

We are open to collaborations.

We aim to oversee the world’s affairs from a central point as this is the only way to take humanity to another highly stage of development.

We are pioneers and visionaries so some of our ideas may sound out of this world but we argued for a better world since 2018.

Then our views were so remote that most doubted us but all of our views are happening right now.

In the end we will link the decentralised to the centralised systems, all as one.

Lead from one central point to steer growth and development.

For the past 75 years nothing has really changed.

But we as humans has great potential to change the future for good. If not for you then for your children.

Pioneers establish new rules and introduces ideas which are out of the norm.

But if the idea sounds remote its only because its not for that time but still great.

I am the founder and CEO of both Tomorrow’s World Order and Gtps.Finance.

Sponsor or collaborate with us.

The world hasn’t changed since the 1940s. We are stuck in defensive stages of development where weapons are the drivers of the economy. Where mankind has little resources and with the resources he has he makes weapons, guns , digital electromagnetic pathogens etc to trigger wars and pandemics to get the resources he can’t afford. In the process killing women and children. But there is a better way.
Put a platform to link decentralised finance and the centralised finance. Introduce a two currency system as mandatory for all countries on earth where each country use two currencies as minimum. One our digital currency GTPS and the second their fiat. They can choose to use a third digital currency of their choosing as official main currency.

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