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Each week, we will be uploading the HausParty show notes (:point_left: Ex.S4 EP1) under the @hausparty category so community members can access all of the amazing content from the show in written format.

This presents an opportunity for community members of the Haus to transform show notes into a community owned document that can take shape through an:

  • Article
  • Tweet Thread
  • OpEd
  • CTA

Each week HausParty takes place inside the DAOhaus discord.

We will be uploading the Notes on a weekly basis to this forum following the show, where you will be able to take in everything that was talked about at HausParty.

This season, HausParty will take a theme based approach where it begs the wider community enter into discussion about specific topics ranging from Crypto Twitter to HR for DAOs.

Themes for this Season:

Honest friction > Dishonest Harmony
Human first > Profit first organizations
web3 > web2 design principles
inviting critique > disregarding cynicism
predictive > prescriptive
rooted > unrooted

add your own

There is honeypot of information and valuable learnings that can be derived from these HausParty episodes.

Jump into the HausParty Category and get jamming, otherwise reach out to us in the discord if you have any questions!

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