About the Achievmintry category

Achievmintry is an inter-DAO DAO with the purpose of awarding creators in the DAO and the wider Ethereum ecosystem through the mintage of achievement NFTs.

Wait, aren’t NFTs transferable? Sure, but the attached data stays the same.

We see this whole space as a sort of a giant MMO-RPG, and it can objectively be understood as a game, in the wider sense of the word.

  • All good games have an achievement system.

What kind of achievements?

  • Achiever of the week
  • Achiever of the month
  • Achiever of the year; think of it sort of as the Nobel’s prize of the Etheruem space.

Achievmint DAO will be summoned on xDAI and composed of three members of each of the participating DAOs acting as delegates of the participating DAOs.

Three? Why not two? Just in case the delegates disagree on who to nominate.

In the beginning we’ll manually be minting achievements and sending them out, eventually, a Moloch Minion will handle all of that.

First paper



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