98: Funding Proposal - Born To Share NFTs

98: Funding Proposal - Born To Share NFTs

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Born to Share Cannabis NFT (BTSC)
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Shannon Donnelly
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BTSC will launch unique NTF PFPs highlighting women in cannabis and create cannabis & web3 education geared toward advancement for Women-identifying individuals.
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Education is lacking for women in new industries. Funding is also lacking for women in every industry. BTSC Media will educate women about Cannabis and Web3 (two industries severely lacking female representation), while generating funding as a Female-Owned company.
BTSC will create a set of Generative PFP NFTs that consist of 10,000 unique mints of “420 ladies” – Each 420 Lady wiil consist of randomized traits set in various “decade” backgrounds. Portraits will feature various “accessories & paraphernalia” with a bud of varying strains of cannabis flower as the face and body.
With the Sale of NFTs, BTSC will create a community around getting your Mom high. Through community engagement efforts, BTSC will ultimately produce media content highlighting cannabis stories and providing education that has an impact both in Cannabis and Web3.
BTSC will also donate 5% of our primary NFT sale profits to women led cannabis companies. BTSC will highlight women and minorities in all of our media.

Describe how your project relates to blockchain or Web3 *
BTSC Media will be funded through creating community and by developing Generative PFP NFTs. The NFT’s utility will include access to quarterly subscription boxes that will include CBD products, access to in-person events, and voting ability for the brands and stories to be highlighted by BTSC Media. Holding the NFT with diamond hands will lead to more utility benefits for the holder including Monthly BTSC Media NFT airdrops. As part of the NFT Launch, BTSC will create an introductory training program for women to learn more about Web3.

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Creation of Art for NFTs
Hiring Designer $1000
Photographer $750
Development of the Generative PFP NFT’s
Developer for Chain Selection, Coding of PFP, and Smart Contact $4000
Legal Fees, Business Registration $2000
Development of the Web3 Training
Creation of Content for training $550
Marketing of NFT Project
Marketing plan and Deployment including Social PTE $1700

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Shannon Donnelly – WWW.BorntoShareCannabis.Com
CEO, Talent, Designer
Shannon has 15 year’s experience in cannabis and education. She has a passion for helping women enter the cannabis space as consumers, employees or entrepreneurs. Shannon has been featured on The TODAY SHOW, Herb, Green Entrepreneur, and Merry Jane. The Blockchain is Shannon’s new obsession, and she can’t get enough. In her free time Shannon mentors’ women and teaches Intro to Cannabis as a College Professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Lauren Devine J.D. – COO (Licensure in CO and MA pending Bar Exam results):
Compliance, Talent
Lauren has a diverse career spanning compliance, law, and the arts, which leads her to be an asset for the BTSC Media Team. Winning multiple licenses across the United States for cannabis operators, Lauren understands cannabis inside and out. Authoring one of the first books to highlight the struggles of Women in the cannabis industry, Breaking the Grass Ceiling, she knows the power of women working together. Over the past 3 years, Lauren has expanded her experience to include law. Lauren can accomplish anything she puts her mind to; she grows companies beyond their wildest dreams and her own.

How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community? *
BTSC Media pledges to highlight women within cannabis and Web3, hoping that 45% of our NFTs are sold to minorities and new Web3 users. We will use MGD grant funding to create an easy education for users to learn about web3 through BTSC’s NFT program; the program will culminate in the ultimate creation of a wallet and purchase of an NFT.
Furthermore, our NFT will include all traits like hair and accessories from varying races and cultural backgrounds, highlighting the uniting nature of cannabis and how differences make for a better community. BTSC Media was created to highlight the stories of women who have been traditionally overlooked by the male-driven cannabis market.

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program? *
Member of MDG

Relevent Link: WWW.BorntoShareCannabis.com
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Hello, I have included more resources below outlining the project. Thank you!

Other resources to explain Born to Share Cannabis’s Mission for our NFT Launch

Hello, I wanted to see if there were any updates on this grant? Please let me know. Thanks

hey! Sorry for the delay here. We are reviewing today and will get back to you.

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Hi! Thanks again for your submission! We’ve reviewed your application and are interested in your project. Our grants funding is currently on hold since we are in the middle of fundraising, but we will update you about next steps as soon as we have more funds! Thank you.

Thank you for the update, I am looking forward to learning the next steps when you have them. Thank you!

Hi NugzandJugz,

The members of Meta Gamma Delta DAO want to thank you for your grant application submission! We apologize for the delay. We took a pause to restructure and are just getting up to speed and looking to award some grants by the close of 2022. The Grants Committee is interested in hearing an update and any further details you would like us know about your project by November 28, 2022. You may include links, a video up to 2 minutes long and/or written update. All submissions will be reviewed and responses will be made after November 30, 2022. Please feel free to respond or ask questions and a committee member will get back with you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest in Meta Gamma Delta Grants Program. We look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Hi NugzandJugz,

The members of Meta Gamma Delta DAO want to thank you for your recent grant application submission. The decision-making process was difficult as we had a variety of powerful groups and organizations interested in a limited amount of grant dollars.

Unfortunately, your application was not selected for funding at this time. However, we would really appreciate you keeping us posted on further development and growth and hope you apply again in the future. Membership to Meta Gamma Delta DAO is always open should you be interested and in general, we look forward to connecting in the metaverse!