83: Funding Proposal - Spencer's May share buybacks

83: Funding Proposal - Spencer’s May share buybacks

Earned a total of 3302.20 wxDAI in May.

Tributing 20% (660 wxDAI) in return for 132 shares at 5 DAI per share.

PerfectPool (2nd half): 2270 wxDAI
Product Suite RIP (1st part): 592.2 DAI
Smart Invoice Launch RIP): 440 DAI
Relevent Link:
Applicant: 0x15c6ac4cf1b5e49c44332fb0a1043ccab19db80a
Shares: 132
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 660000000000000000000
Payment Requested: 0

Doing some personal accounting, I just noticed that I accidentally double-dipped and bought back shares twice via my PerfectPool earnings. My apologies!

Since there’s no way to go back and fix it retrospectively, what I’ll do is forego future share buybacks until I’ve earned an additional $2270 from raids/RIPs.