71: PoolHAUS Season 2 Bonus - HAUS Rewards

Distribute rewards to individuals who stayed staked in Season 2 PoolHAUS after the first round of rewards was distributed, transferring a bonus of ~1619 HAUS to PoolHAUS on Gnosis chain.


Following the close of PoolHAUS Season 1 and the migration of HAUS token liquidity to Mainnet, Warcamp is requesting 1619.47 HAUS on behalf of PoolHAUS Season 2 from the UberHaus treasury to reward Diamond Hands with a bonus :gem::raised_hands:.

We are requesting support from delegates to move 1619.47 HAUS from the UberHaus treasury or minion, to the main PoolHAUS treasury on Gnosis chain.

Read previous comms about this here as well as the previous proposal to send rewards here.

Next steps:

  1. Make a proposal to UberHaus to move HAUS to the PoolHAUS treasury - 0x224ed86c7256c59c391d88f2fd4732e9e7251681.
  2. Make a proposal to move miscellaneous farming incentives from PoolHAUS minion to main treasury.
  3. Make announcement to PoolHAUS Season 2 folks that they can RageQuit their rewards from the DAO.

Can I ask how the number 1619.47 was calculated?

Also, in order to keep the HAUS/share parity in the treasury it would be best if this came directly from the minion. The language says either, but Iā€™d recommend minion as the best route.

@ceresbzns did the calculation and can speak to this, basically it is a breakdown and aggregation based on the amount of shares & loot held in PoolHAUS.


On the topic of a treasury or minion transfer, it does not make any difference to me which we go forward with.

The only difference is that*@samkuhlmann.eth will have to make the proposal to the minion if we want to go that route.

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