70: Funding Proposal - Body Gallery

70: Funding Proposal - Body Gallery

Body Gallery is a digital space dedicated to dance . It aims to create a bridge between the dance world and blockchain, by inviting crypto natives to consume and participate in dance related projects, but also to discover how dance and technology could help each other to advance .
Taking its modus operandi from how Galleries work ( or would like to ), BODY wants to have seasons of upcoming projects , as well as receive proposals for projects and initiatives that include dance .

For this season, we have prepared three projects :

DIRECTORS CUT : This project involves creating NFTs of unlock able content out of already existing performance pieces. The choreographers donate a video of their performance, and add up extra content that will help the viewer to better understand the concept or process of the performance.

LIVE PERFORMANCE : Pairing itself together with physical art institutions, BODY would host performances adapted or made for the digital space. Tickets for these performances would be sold as NFTs with a specific time and date where the audience can get into the digital theatre and watch a piece. We are working at the moment in creating software that would allow for interactivity with the performance. By combining technology, art institutions and digital audience, a dance show could be seen by 1000, 2000 people, even more, breaking thus a lot of limitations of theatre spaces. You could attend theatre from your devices

DANCE AVATARS : BODY gallery is interested in encoding dance - literally. Using motion tracking technology, we want to involve dancers and start creating importable dance code, available at BODY, where the user/member can download these dance avatars and use them in video games and meta verses .Not only that, but to be able to order dances via BODY would allow the user to send us a video of any dance and we would connect them with a dancer who would capture that specific dance and send it to the user. Of course, there’s an immense still locked potential to what would mean if dance could be notated and encrypted as code forever in blockchain, and we would be very much interested in continuing that research.

Funding in nfDAO would not only give an external validation to the project , but it would also help us :

•	Get Motion Tracking Suits and all the material needed to capture dance 
•	Hire Smart Contract Developers to develop dance NFTs that make sense to dance artists
•	Hire frontend developers for the website and projects that we would like to include interactivity 
•	Creating a team and community of dancers, choreographers, dance enthusiasts 
•	Create learning projects for dance artists that do not yet know the possibilities of blockchain 
•	Get the word out and broaden the project for more people to know about it 

I would like to finish this proposal with one quote that is very dear to me : ¨Dance is the hidden Language of the soul¨(Martha Graham) , and what this quote means to me is that the true potential of what we do can only be unlocked when we divorce ourselves from the Cartesian thought that mind and body aren’t connected. It is only when we accept that our body is as important to take care as our mind, and feelings, emotions, are not something that we don’t understand, rather they are parts of us that we have to train and practice to understand and deconstruct. Dance deals with that on a daily basis.

Thank you
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