67: UberHaus Treasury Diversification CCO


The Alchemists, alongside UberHaus delegates and War Camp, have drafted a plan to take HAUS token to Ethereum mainnet through a Community Contribution Opportunity (CCO).

The objectives of the CCO are to:

  1. Raise 1,000 ETH to fund War Camp operations
  2. Establish ~$4MM of enduring HAUS liquidity on mainnet

We are requesting UberHaus supply Alchemists through War Camp with 132,000 HAUS to seed the CCO DAO and the LP DAO.

  • 50,000 HAUS will be used for the initial CCO DAO transmutation, in exchange for 500 ETH
  • 82,000 HAUS will be used to seed HAUS liquidity on mainnet in an 80:20 HAUS/ETH Balancer pool.

The 82K for HAUS liquidity is a one-time request. There will be future requests for HAUS to complete the CCO transmutations later in 2022.

Summing all four transmutation rounds, Alchemists will be requesting a total of 100-125k HAUS (10-12% of total supply) for the CCO to be transmuted into a maximum of 1250 ETH. The full amount will be transmuted over a 9 month period.

Brief History of the CCO

February 19th, 2021 UberHaus was announced. Shortly after in March HAUS went live :rocket:, $1.1M was raised in a CCO lasting 80 seconds, and following up in April, UberHaus came to life putting control of the remaining HAUS supply (60.5% at launch) into the hands of DAOs participating in governance over the DAOhaus platform.

As a collective, we have successfully executed on two CCOs:

In our arduous pursuit of decentralizing DAOhaus, last year’s CCOs put HAUS into the hands of ~263 supporters and users of the DAOhaus product.

One year later, we stand strong with +3,700 addresses holding HAUS!

We have experienced tremendous growth throughout the past year! See the DAOhaus Year in Review for more detail on all that we’ve accomplished together.

CCO III Objectives

Now that we’ve decentralized the DAOhaus product and contributor base further, we want to continue the DAOfooding and give more runway for War Camp so we can continue building cool shit for our growing community.

Our goal to extend runway for War Camp is underlined by the need to establish deep and sustainable HAUS liquidity on Mainnet, ensuring that we can conduct future raises and remain resilient against the inevitable swings prevalent across the crypto market.

CCO what it is and what you need to know

A CCO is a Community Contribution Opportunity and it enables supporters of a community, or contributors to a project, the ability to allocate capital all while maintaining custody over how that capital is spent.

We are thrilled about this new mechanism that facilitates participatory ownership through a risk minimized model for projects, contributors, and their investors. Through a CCO, capital contributors have direct custody and the ultimate say over how capital in the DAO should be spent. You can read more details about how CCOs are structured and executed in Spencer’s excellent writeup in the DAOhaus Substack.

What is UberHaus’s role

The role of UberHaus is crucial, as it will be the main contributor of HAUS enabling the mainnet raise to take place.

In return for HAUS stake, UberHaus will receive loot in the Mainnet LP DAO, and it will also receive a portion of the transmuted ETH raised to sustain UberHaus Operations.

What we need from UberHaus

In preparation for the CCO raise taking place in February, Alchemists are requesting a minimum of 132k HAUS token from the UberHaus Minion to the War Camp cross-chain minion.

We are asking that UberHaus entrust Alchemists of War Camp to execute on the proposal as outlined in Spencer’s technical process.

More details forthcoming.

UberHaus Meetings

Next week Wednesday, 11am EST is the UberHaus Delegates meeting, where we will be discussing the logistics of this plan, laying out the details of our execution to the UberHaus delegates and answering any questions that UberHaus may have.

We’ll be garnering consensus on this proposal in the upcoming UberHaus Delegates meeting, so please feel free to share any comments, questions, or concerns below in preperation for next weeks UberHaus meeting.

Also, Join us in the DAOhaus discord - #delegates channel if you’re looking for more guidance on your questions!

CTA For Delegates Only

Delegates who want to participate as signers on the gnosis-safe who are a part of UberHaus will have 2-weeks to indicate their interest by replying here and tagging @bau or reaching out to DAOhaus directly through #delegates.

I would love to help