51: Signal Proposal - Bounties for Optimism network

51: Signal Proposal - Bounties for Optimism network

Initial feedback from the community is supportive of deploying Symmetric to more networks beyond xDai and Celo.

The protocol itself (smart contracts) will be covered by operations to ensure they are securely handled.

However, we want to give the wider community the opportunity to participate in the wider deployment of Symmetric to these new networks through a series of bounties. If these bounties are not picked up then they will be scheduled in the future to be covered by the core team as part of the sprint planning process.

This bounty is specifically for the Optimism network and covers the following.

ExchangeUI – 200 SYMM
PoolsUI – 200 SYMM
Subgraph – 75 SYMM
Symmetric.Assets – 75 SYMM
SOR (Smart Object Router) – 75 SYMM
IPFS-Push – 50 SYMM
Mining script – 50 SYMM

These are the projects that need to be updated to allow Symmetric to run on the target network. Smart contracts and other tasks would be covered by the core team.
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