43: Member Proposal - Membership Proposal

43: Member Proposal - Membership Proposal

Updating proposal with share comp

Requesting shares for work on performing manual research and triage on 250 records regarding fields such as type, description, contact information, barriers to participation, etc.

Created Loom videos of research process & helped with on-boarding call and look back of initial process.

Comp structure is according to bounty terms, here: https://app.clarity.so/diamonddao/work/48

250 records, 30 shares, 775 wxDAI

See original forum post here: Membership Proposal / Qualitative Research.

Note that # of records differs, as records from the form tool have been added to my total.

Links to work:

Relevent Link: app.clarity.so/diamonddao/work/48
Applicant: 0xd1897df3ebb060ed9cb2834da83ce8d8431e2d34
Shares: 30
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 0
Payment Requested: 0

Kath’s work has been steadily valuable not only because of her consistent output, but in how she thinks through challenges to process and puts forth strategies resolves them. I’m very happy that she has time to continue working and growing with Diamond DAO contributors.

I had some check-in questions for @kath. I’ll follow as well via DM, you can choose if and how you’d like to respond, confidentially or openly. :slightly_smiling_face:Thanks for being here.

  1. How’s the experience going so far?
  2. Are you happy with what you are working on?
  3. Do you feel like you are making an impact?
  4. How can we improve resources/support for you and others like you?
  5. 1-100 How likely are you to recommend Diamond DAO to other potential contributors?