40: Funding Proposal eXeL AI - Educational Initiative

Project Title: eXeL AI - Platform Eco-System

Description: Leveraging a 4-6 sided platform to teach Edge AI and Cloud API integrations, to connect students f all ages to real-world applications

Manifesto/Vision: Preparing AI to Serve the Future of Humanity

There are limited hands-on AI educational programs designed with lower complexity to better prepare students for future AI careers.

The eXeL AI platform provides a patent pending Eco-System that:

  • Simplifies Hands-on Workflow for Machine Learning
  • Motivates students via Collaborative Fun AI Projects
  • Enhanced Learning with Network of Experienced Mentors

Product Features:

  • AI/ML Educational Modules
  • Research AI
  • Intro to AI/ML
  • Hands-On AI/ML
  • Custom AI/ML API Integration Projects
  • Build Autonomous AI Car & Robot
  • Test, Tune, & Operate Car


  • Phase 1: Bring Raspberry Pi Flask App into Cloud - Web3.0
  • Phase 2: Enable AI/ML model training for Computer Vision and Voice Training for Edge AI
  • Phase 3: Enable Off-the-Shelf Cloud APIs into Sensor Fusion App

Progress: App → eXeL AI Dev Kit Product Demo - YouTube

Differentiation (from other projects)

  • Enables global gig-economy proliferation of solutions using Edge AI + Cloud APIs
  • Bringing real-world AI technology and expertise to students of all ages.


Alex Seguin

  • Global Business Manager
  • Strategy & Growth
  • R&D Portfolio Manager
  • AI Education + Founders

Pushkar Khairnar

  • Breast Cancer Detection AI models
  • Simplified Workflow for AI/ML App
  • R&D Developer for Bayer Crop Science

Hari Sirigibathina

  • Experienced Cloud Solutions Architect

Grant Request $: $40,000

What the Funds Are For:

  • Transition of Sensor Fusion App to Cloud
  • Video Education and Knowledge Testing for Level 1-4 for Computer Vision
  • Video Education and Knowledge Testing for Level 1-4 for Audio + Thermal
  • Video Education and Knowledge Testing for Cloud API + Microsoft Automate Integration

Help Requested:

  • Must Have: AWS + Cloud Expert
  • Must Have: Front End HTML + JS
  • Should Have: React - Web Framework for Desktop & Mobile Interaction
  • Should Have: Android + IoS App Development

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio: