33: Member Proposal - Xqua's Activation Bounty

33: Member Proposal - Xqua’s Activation Bounty

Hello, after chating with Lemp and Amphiboly on the Discord, I’d like to join the DAO as a member working on DataScience and community research :smiley:

I’m claiming the following bounty: Data/Analytics | Network Analysis of Diamond DAO data
Relevent Link: app.clarity.so/diamonddao/view/e555b314-b22d-402c-9e39-70582db42911
Applicant: 0xf0552f71fddd72ae6d0f59efe3fccffc39af21ff
Shares: 4
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 0
Payment Requested: 100000000000000000000

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100% support. Excited to have you on board.

Its been super fun looking at the MetaCartel Data :smiley:
Definitely happy to do more crazy analysis !

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