30: Member Proposal - Cyber Wizard DataScientist membership request

30: Member Proposal - Cyber Wizard DataScientist membership request

Hello Diamond DAO,

I am a DataScientist specializing in big data analysis. I’ve worked mainly with genomic/transcriptomic data, large biological networks, images and volumetric data, and networks of human communities in the context of science.

I was introduced to this DAO by @ipatka and I am very enthused at the idea of being in a DAO studying DAOs!

I can help with … things going from scrapping, to database building, to the analysis of large networks, stats, ML and AI. I’m fairly decent at making cool DataViz too.

Hope to talk to you all soon.
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I forgot to say that I hold a PhD, and am currently a fellow at a research institute.

Hey @Xqua :wave:

We’re excited to have you! @lemp.eth has an exciting network analytics project in mind as your onboarding/activation bounty.

Can you introduce yourself in the #developers channel of our Discord? https://discord.gg/XazfEc9e

We can follow up with additional details there.

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Hey there! Would you message me on Discord please? lemp.eth is my name on our server. I was looking for your introduction in #devs channel but it’s lost. Thank you - I’m super excited to hear about your research, and we have a few very interesting analytics/research projects in mind that I think you’ll find interesting. Thank you.

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