30: Funding Proposal - PoolHAUS LP DAO Rewards Increase


PoolHAUS LP is launching next Monday, August 2nd. The DAO will reward those who tribute either DXS from Swapr, by supplying HAUS/WETH liquidity to the exchange, or tributing WETH for 33% higher rewards.


The EcosystemDAO Rewards proposal is currently in grace, once processed it will distribute 1500 HAUS to UberPaladins DAO. 600 HAUS is currently earmarked for PoolHAUS DAO, previously referred to as Castle LP DAO.

Alchemists, UberPaladins, Delegates, and Warcamp determined that PoolHAUS would be more effective at bringing in more liquidity if we offered higher rewards for HAUS LPs, where our goal is to reach $500k liquidity on Swapr.eth

In order to incentivize and coordinate this liquidity provision, we are requesting an additional 1,900 HAUS (2,500 - 600), following the amount requested, quoting @James

  • Over the 3 month period, 2500 HAUS will be issued to PoolHAUS, these rewards will be distributed proportionally based on contributions. These rewards can also be increased by UberHaus if decided by the DAO.
  • WETH contributors to PoolHAUS are given higher rewards than LP contributors; an additional 825 HAUS will be distributed pro-rata.
  • These additional rewards will be airdropped to WETH contributors at the end of PoolHAUS.

Rewards will be available for claim by November 9th at the earliest.

For more detailed information on PoolHAUS, please read this Article PoolHAUS and Decentralized Liquidity Provision

UberHaus Meetings

Tomorrow is the UberHaus Informal, drop into #uberhaus-townhall tomorrow at 12pm EDT.

Next week is the UberPaladins Ops meeting, where we’ll be discussing the logistics of distributing rewards to DAOs, as well as coming up with some possible ways to track the “success” of UberHaus initiatives.

We’ll be garnering consensus on this proposal in the upcoming UberPaladins Meeting Please feel free to share any comments, questions, or concerns below!


I’ve reviewed this proposal and I think it is fine. I’d move it on to a vote.

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