3: Signal Proposal - FIP-1: Onboarding to Froge DAO

3: Signal Proposal - FIP-1: Onboarding to Froge DAO

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To utilize the DAO we first have to understand how to use it. In order to spur learning on within the group - and as a group - I propose offering the community a period of ‚Äúlearn to earn‚ÄĚ with the following parameters‚Ķ

  1. Participants have one week to complete tasks, starting at 00:00 GMT at least 12 hours after this proposal passes.
  2. To count for a payout, proof of task completion must be submitted to a telegram channel specifically for this purpose before the end of the week.
  3. Tasks and their rewards:
  • Acquire test ETH on a Rinkeby address 1 mil
  • Buy at least one of the tokens the DAO accepts 1 mil
    • Bonus for getting some of each 1 mil
  • Offer a tribute to the DAO 1 mil
  • Acquire 10 DAO shares 1 mil
  • Acquire 10 DAO loot 1 mil
  • Sponsor a proposal 1 mil
  • Comment on the discourse 1 mil
  • Vote on a proposal - 100k per vote, max 1 mil
  • Process a proposal 1 mil
  • Submit a proposal for something that would improve the FROGE ecosystem. Include the actual cost if there is one. 2 mil
  • Total Completion Bonus 3 mil

Learners may use whatever resources available to accomplish the tasks, but none will be directly provided in the announcement. Primarily this is to encourage asking questions and helping each other learn

Payout will happen at the end of the week. Every full completion costs 15 mil


Comment on the discourse - 100k per comment, 3 comments to complete task, 1 mil max payout
Vote on a proposal - 100k per vote, 3 votes to complete task, 1 mil max payout

Lottery for those who complete:
If 1-10 complete, 1 winner of 8 mil prize
If 11-20 complete, 2 winners receive 10 mil prize each
If 21-30 complete, 3 winners receive 13 mil prize each
If 31-40 complete, 4 winners receive 17 mil prize each
If 41-50 complete, 5 winners receive 22 mil prize each

No editing is my kryptonite…

Add to lottery:
51+ complete, 5 winners receive 30 mil prize each

For anyone who wants to start early, here is the official Learn to Earn telegram channel to post your proof - https://t.me/joinchat/t0qHkTQt57M3NDM5

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Slowly learning here, pretty cool so far!

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Finally figured this out, unfortunately I was just mashing buttons so I have no idea what to tell the guys having trouble commenting here.


This is me meeting the 20 character requirement the first time.

This is me meeting the 20 character requirement the 2nd time.

yeah looks pretty cool! learning day by day!

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Froge fam learning together! One tree at a time.

I love the DAO thus far. I think it will bring a ton of value to this project. Took a little learning but feeling more confident in myself now!