27 SuperFluid Proposal - Ecosystem DAOs Streaming Rewards


Ecosystem DAOs serve as the core DAOs to UberHaus, the DAO of DAOs governing the DAOhaus ecosystem.

The key focus for Ecosystem DAOs is to address community and supporter engagement. Therefore, ecosystem DAOs should reflect UberHaus’s vision for continuing growth and augment DAOhaus’s processes for distilling that growth in a scalable fashion.

We are proposing streaming funds to these Ecosystem DAOs so they level up and join UberHaus as the representative core DAOs.

We’re asking that 1500 HAUS/mo be streamed to UberPaladin DAO and from UberPaladins forward to each ecosystem DAO.

Note: We determined that streaming rewards to UberPaladins to be distributed to ecosystem DAOs would be most efficient because the flexibility of UberPaladins to make proposals, update/manage streams, and the shorter voting periods

Here is the breakdown of the distribution

  • Castle LP DAO 600/mo
  • Keep haus DAO 200/mo
  • NFT armory 50/mo
  • Boost foundy 200/Mo
  • Foundations 50/mo
  • Daostillery 100/mo
  • Warcamp 300/mo

We will be looking to make a SuperFluid minion proposal from UberPaladins to UberHaus in the next day or so. Following that, we will make additional proposals to forward the rewards from the UberPaladins minion to all of the Ecosystem DAOs outlined in the distribution above.

Please share any concerns or thoughts that you may have below!


How many months would the stream be for? I’m for a 2-3 month stream at first to see how it goes.

Love the idea of jump starting these daos and the focus on contributor/supporter engagement.

Also agree with the 2-3 month test run idea.

I’m a little unclear on what each dao will actually use the haus for - just tipping contributors via the tip bot? And how the amounts were decided on for each ecosystem dao. Would a rough plan from each dao be out of the question?

If we had that then maybe the uberpaladins could curate a monthly report on what each dao accomplished.


That’s a great point and @plor brought up the same thing at the last meeting.

I think the goal would be for each dao to get enough haus to at least use some of it to join Uberhaus.

We talked about starting an application form for ecosystem DAOs. They would need to state what value they are bringing to the ecosystem and some KPIs to keep a stream going.

This way any DAO could apply to become a ‘ecosystem dao’ in the future.