208: Funding Proposal - Loot Rebase for post-gao members

208: Funding Proposal - Loot Rebase for post-gao members

Across the board boost for members proposals submitted at the Gr1 or Gr2 rates.
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Per Discord discussion and this week’s DAO update, I would like to formally propose the following rebase of loot distribution to newer members.

Without going into the reasoning again, I would like to stick to several core specifics and detail the way in which the proposal shall be carried out.

  1. New dao memberships will be frozen once this proposal is successfully completed.
  2. Once all pending memberships are completed, a csv export of the current membership will be taken.
  3. A shares to loot ratio will be computed for each member. As this number has varied along with the rate, it is a sufficient proxy for the USD to loot ratio. Any member who joined at the 0.26 ratio is effectively a Gr1 member, and 0.2 is a Gr2.
  4. Gr1 members will have their loot bosted by 215%, Gr2 by 364%. This Google Sheet computation for this translates to ADJUSTED_CLAIMS=ifs(RATIO<0.21 ,(LOOT*Gr2BOOST), RATIO<0.26 ,(LOOT*Gr1BOOST), RATIO, LOOT). The following chart is shown for demonstration purposes and is based on a previous DaoHaus export. It is not authoritative: image
  5. The overall effect of this rebase will see the redistribution of be roughly 25% of claims on NAV from pre-GAO members to new members, who will see their exit value increase approximately 43% for Gr1 members, 135% for Gr2 members. Again, chart shown for demonstration and does not represent final calculations.
  6. The calculate results from these steps will be the basis for future NAV and token distributions.

This proposal is a necessary prerequisite to any move to Solana and makes no claims about the value of future share tokens, distribution mechanisms, or anything not explicitly mentioned in the above text. Additional proposals will be needed to flesh out the details, and can be put to vote on Daohaus as no changes to voting power are effected by the calculations here.

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