192: Member Proposal - Grant Membership to "DAO Jones"

192: Member Proposal - Grant Membership to “DAO Jones”

Season-0 apprentice. Have sat in on a bunch of raids over the months, and cleric’d a couple to completion recently (Senary, Photo51).

Since getting involed with The Guild my horizons have refracted multidimensionally: I’m learning how the decentralised web is put together, how decentralised teams work, how DAOs work, have debuted NFTs at MCON, taking NFTs to LisCon, and am finding ways to merge web 3.0 with higher education. Tip of the iceberg, I hope.

Raiders offering to champion: Dan13Ram, Tom | Integral, and scottrepreneur.
Relevent Link: hackmd.io/@DAO-Jones/B1ye1iw4Y
Applicant: 0xf4b27acb9a65dcb2fbfe8fb44516b09ac1f39822
Shares: 100
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 500000000000000000000
Payment Requested: 0