18: Signal Proposal - Learn to Earn update

18: Signal Proposal - Learn to Earn update

Changes proposed:

  1. Extend lottery by one week for anyone in Froge Army chat
  2. Completion earns founding membership shares in real DAO (4 shares for completing within original timeframe, 2 shares for extended)
  3. Once lottery closes, Learn to Earn opens to entire community (payments and tasks adjusted as decided). Completion of LtE required to apply for membership in actual DAO (1 share).
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yes Extend The Lottery

Thank you so much for extending this. I have been insanely busy with work. A little bummed that I missed out on the 4 shares, but 2 will do!

You get 4 once complete because you submitted one before the deadline

I have another update ribbit in mind but it needs some fleshing out –

Instead of a deadline on the lottery we can change it to just be “Once xx Froggies complete all tasks the lottery will happen.” This let’s people continue to learn and earn with less pressure now that we have a critical mass of inertia into the DAO. Also thinking to restructure the lottery so more people get rewarded…

New lottery structure possibility:
Completers 1-10 gain 15 Mil Froge, 5x DAO shares (x can be 1 or changed later if we want), and 1 lottery ticket
11-20 get 14M, 4x shares, 1 ticket
21-30 get 13M, 3x shares, 1 ticket
31-40 get 12M, 2x shares, 1 ticket
41-50 get 11M, 1x shares, 1 ticket

Once we get 50 completers we run the Mega Lottery and give 10 winners 15 mil Froge and 15 winners 10 Mil Froge