162: Member Proposal - Request to Join The FoundationsDAO

162: Member Proposal - Request to Join The FoundationsDAO

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Hello everyone! I figured this would be an appropriate place to introduce myself and make my first post :slight_smile:

My name is Ryan Branch. I’ve been interested in crypto and web3 as both a user and developer for almost 1 year now. I discovered DaoHaus and FoundationsDAO through the new RabbitHole quest. I’m looking forward to learning more about this organization and DAOs in general, as I’m relatively new to the organization/collaboration side of crypto!

One last note: there appears to be a minor spelling error in the form which makes these forum posts. I felt I should point it out in case someone wants to correct it.

Hello FoundationsDAO friends! I’m just bumping this post to announce that I’ve passed the vote and my 24-hour grace period has now ended.

As a result, I’m awaiting processing. On the off-chance that someone sees this, I would greatly appreciate you to process my member proposal.

Here is a direct link to the relevant page on the DAOhaus webapp:

I’m excited to participate in votes and create other proposals of my own! And I’ll be sure to help with processing the membership proposals for additional new users.