12: Whitelist Proposal - Add $HAUS to DAO Bank

12: Whitelist Proposal - Add $HAUS to DAO Bank

$HAUS is the token of DAOHaus, I think we should hold and stake some HAUS as soon as possible =) =)
Relevent Link: blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/tokens/0xb0C5f3100A4d9d9532a4CfD68c55F1AE8da987Eb/token-transfers
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by link I think we can learn better how and why using HAUS token, I think is a great idea buy some of them to support at best the platform where actually our DAO is running.

I think we should support the software we use, DAOhaus charges no fee, and to me it feels like a duty to invest in them for the great job!

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