1: Trade Proposal - reloaded 1% share redistribution

1: Trade Proposal - reloaded 1% share redistribution

Proposed FER-01 for DAO, I would like to propose that we utilise the redistributed ETH from our 1% reloaded holding, to buy froge from Igorf then burn them. this way we avoid impacting price when selling froge to fund Development opps and ultimately support price via the burn.
payment requested is to cover gas fees for this ribbit if successful.
Relevent Link:
Applicant: 0xc12e5182d3aaec84cc6bf00863e2aeaa5b4f326f
Shares: 0
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 15000000000000000000
Payment Requested: 6000000000000000

Few points:

  1. The tribute offered will go to the DAO pond (I think this was intended to pay for the deposit, but that part is automatic when sponsoring a ribbit)
  2. The payment requested is impossible because it’s requesting from the pond, which is currently empty - the 1B froge is held by Igorf and can only be accessed through the “payroll” ribbit
  3. There is ambiguity over how much froge is to be bought and at what price. I suggest we buy as much as possible with our ETH redistribution at the price on uniswap at the time of passing. To confirm without creating another ribbit please reply with “yay” or “nay” to this post.

Ok, so you need at least 20 chars to reply.