SA Manifesto and ROE

Whether we like to admit it or not, for a network and community that preaches a trustless system, we often depend on trust and reputation to ensure the ecosystem moves forward. Even in our DAOs, we use a soft consensus and directives given from those with high reputations to justify low engagement. Further, if someone is a bad actor, we believe we can use reputation as a way to punish them. While these techniques are effective, they lose the impact as we start to scale up our organizations.

We believe we can start to advance experimentation in coordination tools by removing our fallback, reputation. To start this, we’re creating the Société Anonyme DAO.

The Société Anonyme DAO (SA DAO for short), requires that all members must remain anonymous to be admitted and remain in the DAO. This means proposals, conversations, and voting would all be done anonymously, with none of the members knowing who the other members are.

Expected Outcomes:

  • We believe that by creating a SA DAO, we can expect the following outcomes:
  • More true voting
  • Higher participation rates
  • Emergence
  • Reputational gain by voting
  • More Anons

How we be:
No thesis or directive - we will use it for whatever the members want and grow our directive over time. But we should use our anon powers for the force of good and for the lulz. Nothing illegal

Rules - Ways to be guild kicked:

  1. You must remain anon
  2. If you find out another members address to person, you should dox that person
  3. Then that person rage quits or is guild kicked (this creates an incentive for individual members to remain a secret)
  4. Being doxed means you let your guard down and you’ll have to restart
  5. We may be anon but that does not mean we are savages, treat others with respect.

Need help getting started?

This is a working document and should be iterated on

This is a really interesting idea! I suggest adding your own tribute to the guild bank to mitigate any hesitancy prospective members might have about losing the share they’ve committed, and you quit. Everyone should have skin in the game here, no?

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