EtherContract AI [Grant Application]


EtherContract AI is an application that leverages the OpenAI API to provide automated auditing and optimization for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts. By using fine-tuned models and other resources, EtherContract AI aims to enhance the security, efficiency, and reliability of smart contracts on blockchains.


To revolutionize the security and efficiency of Ethereum smart contracts by providing a powerful, AI-driven auditing platform that is accessible to all developers, fostering a safer and more innovative blockchain ecosystem. I believe that security should be a fundamental right for all smart contract developers. EtherAudit AI is dedicated to providing robust tools that help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring that every contract deployed on the Ethereum network is as secure as possible. Beyond security, EtherAudit AI focuses on optimizing smart contracts for efficiency. By reducing gas costs and improving performance, I aim to make blockchain technology more sustainable and scalable.

The specific problems and needs:

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

  • Problem: Vulnerabilities in smart contracts can lead to significant security breaches.
  • Need: An automated tool to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities using AI.

Gas Optimization

  • Problem: High gas costs due to inefficient smart contracts.
  • Need: AI tools to analyze and optimize gas usage while maintaining performance.

Code Quality and Best Practices

  • Problem: Inconsistent adherence to best practices in smart contract development.
  • Need: Automated enforcement of coding standards and recommendations.

4. Scalability and Simultaneous Audits

  • Problem: Current auditing processes are time-consuming and not scalable.
  • Need: Scalable AI infrastructure to handle multiple contract audits simultaneously.

5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

  • Problem: The evolving threat landscape for smart contracts.
  • Need: Continuous updates and fine-tuning of AI models to stay ahead of new vulnerabilities.

6. User Accessibility and Integration

  • Problem: Difficulty in accessing and integrating auditing tools.
  • Need: User-friendly interface and API for seamless integration into development workflows.

EtherContract AI leverages advanced AI models, continuous learning, and user-centric design to enhance the security, efficiency, and reliability of smart contracts.

Product Features

  1. Integration with OpenAI API:
    Model Fine-Tuning: We intend to Fine-tune OpenAI’s models with a dataset of existing smart contracts, including known vulnerabilities, exploits, and best practices.

  2. Automated Audit Tool:
    Static Analysis: We will use the OpenAI API to perform static analysis on smart contract code, identifying common vulnerabilities and potential issues.
    Dynamic Analysis: Simulate contract execution using OpenAI’s language models to identify runtime vulnerabilities and unexpected behaviours.

  3. User Interface and Integration:
    Web Interface: We are going to develop a user-friendly web interface by leveraging a cutting-edge Framework (ReactJS) where developers can upload their smart contracts for analysis and receive detailed audit reports.

  4. Report Generation and Recommendations:
    Detailed Reports: The AI will generate comprehensive audit reports using the OpenAI API, highlighting detected vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.
    Actionable Recommendations: EtherContract AI will offer specific, actionable recommendations based on the analysis provided by the fine-tuned models.

  5. Continuous Learning and Updates:
    Feedback Loop: We’ll also implement a feedback system on the UI where developers can report false positives/negatives and provide additional data to improve the models.
    Regular Updates: Regularly fine-tune the models with new data to keep pace with emerging vulnerabilities and evolving best practices.

  6. Documentation and Help:
    Comprehensive documentation to guide users on how to use the platform effectively. A help section with FAQs and contact support options for additional assistance.


For Developers:

  • Enhanced Security: Provides an automated, reliable way to audit smart contracts, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • Time Savings: Saves developers time by automating the audit process, allowing them to focus on building features and functionality.

  • Optimization: Offers recommendations for optimizing gas usage and improving contract efficiency.

For the Ecosystem:

  • Improved Trust: Increases trust in Ethereum smart contracts by improving their security and reliability.

  • Broader Adoption: Encourages more developers to build on Ethereum by providing accessible and reliable security tools.

Gathering resources

Differentiation (from other projects)

Manual Audits by Security Firms:

Examples: ConsenSys Diligence, Trail of Bits, OpenZeppelin.

Limitations: While these firms offer in-depth, high-quality audits, the process is often expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, manual audits do not scale well, making them impractical for auditing numerous contracts simultaneously.

Automated Auditing Tools:

Examples: MythX, Slither, Oyente.

Limitations: Automated tools provide faster, more cost-effective solutions, but they are limited by their rule-based detection capabilities. This can result in false positives and negatives, which might not cover all vulnerabilities comprehensively.

EtherContract AI aims to bridge these gaps with several unique advantages:

  • AI and Machine Learning Expertise:
  1. Use Case: Leverage advanced AI models fine-tuned to detect vulnerabilities, optimize gas usage, and ensure code quality.

  2. Advantage: Continuous learning from real-world data ensures models remain effective against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Scalability:
  1. Use Case: Handle multiple contract audits from numerous users simultaneously.

  2. Advantage: High throughput processing and load balancing allow for efficient, large-scale auditing without performance degradation.

  • Comprehensive and Automated Analysis:
  1. Use Case: Combine static and dynamic analysis to uncover both common and runtime issues.

  2. Advantage: Generate detailed reports with actionable recommendations, enhancing contract security and efficiency.

EtherContract AI uniquely combines the latest AI technology, robust scalability, and a focus on user experience to deliver a smart contract auditing solution that is efficient, reliable, and accessible. This approach not only enhances security standards but also supports the scalability needed for the growing blockchain ecosystem.


I am a seasoned professional in the fields of blockchain development, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. With some years of experience, I have honed my skills to make blockchain technology more secure and accessible for developers worldwide.

Current Focus:
As the Founder and Lead Developer at EtherContract AI, I am committed to leveraging AI to provide automated auditing and optimization for smart contracts. My goal is to make blockchain technology more secure and accessible for developers worldwide.

Grant Request $17000

Milestone 1: OpenAI API Usage and Fine-Tuning (Week 1-3)

  • Prepare a dataset: Gather a comprehensive dataset of more than 70 smart contracts, including examples of vulnerabilities, exploits, and best practices.

  • Data Cleaning: We will clean and preprocess the data to ensure consistency

  • Fine-tuning: We will compile the entire dataset into a JSON file to train the model.

Cost: $5000 (This amount covers both the initial implementation and long-term maintenance).

Milestone 2: Backend Development (Week 4-6):

  • Building the backend will allow the developer to interact with models using CLI for testing the model’s performance.

  • Next, integrate the Openai fine-tuned API to send user prompts and receive model responses.

Cost: $3000

Milestone 3: Frontend Development (Week 7-8):

  • The frontend will be built using React, ensuring robust performance and a rich user experience.

  • Integration with backend services through RESTful APIs to handle data submissions and retrieve audit results.

Cost: $3000

Milestone 4: Final Testing and Optimization (Week 9):

  • Conduct thorough end-to-end testing to identify and resolve any potential issues.

  • Optimise performance for both frontend and backend to ensure scalability and an excellent user experience.

  • Perform a final review and sign-off to ensure all components meet required standards before going live.

Cost: $270

Milestone 5: Backend and Frontend Deployment (Week 9):

  • Deploy the backend services to the production environment and conduct initial testing to ensure full operational capability.

  • Deploy the frontend application and perform comprehensive testing to ensure seamless integration with the backend.

Cost: $1400

Milestone 6: Marketing and Outreach (Week 10):

  • Allocate resources for outreach efforts to engage potential users and gather feedback.

cost: $2000

Milestone 7: Contingency Fund: (Long Term):

  • Provide a buffer for unexpected expenses and adjustments during and after the project.

Cost: $2000

Help Requested

  • Please I need a member to sponsor my application.

  • I need someone to guild me through the process and also give me feedback concerning my application if there is any adjustment I need to make.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

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