Coordination and Capital Resources Collaboration

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Coordination and Capital Resources Collaboration


Maybe Moloch DAO already completed everything they set out to do. Maybe Moloch DAO is just as necessary to the Ethereum ecosystem today, as it was when it was summoned. Either way, Moloch DAO could use some help in sharing coordination costs.

MetaCartel has the coordination resources required to give out grants for years to come. MetaCartel is slaying Moloch with community.

By sharing in coordination and capital resources, MolochDAO and MetaCartel can better support the Ethereum ecosystem with more frequent and effective grants.


MetaCartel Community First Manifesto


When it comes to giving out grants as a DAO, MetaCartel has the coordination resources and Moloch DAO has the capital resources. Although, these resources are not supporting each other. If they were, both DAOs would have support to be their most successful at impacting the sustainability and evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem.

The current structure for MetaCartel DAO is such that any incoming capital only arrives via new memberships. This limits ETH in the treasury to only one action, in one way, at any time. It’s either being added to the treasury, as member staking, or subtracted, as grant giving.


MetaCartel Treasury Sustainability initiative is actively utilizing DeFi tools to give some ETH multiple actions at any time. Managed correctly, this initiative has the potential to feed MetaCartel DAO’s main treasury a reliable supply of funding that the DAO can then give out as grants.

If Moloch DAO gives a grant to the MetaCartel Treasury Sustainability initiative, the initiative can jump start the growth of this funding. This will allow Moloch DAO and MetaCartel to share in coordination and capital resources in a joint effort to fund Ethereum projects.

Product Features

All aspects of the Treasury Sustainability Initiative for MetaCartel are focused on empowering and supporting the MetaCartel DAO and its community to give grants, continuously and for an extensive period of time, to the Ethereum ecosystem.


We love MetaCartel and can’t thank them enough! Without the money and network, it wouldn’t have happened. Overlay

All our users are attributed to the MetaCartel grant, because we were able to launch. We gained connections to other groups working in the public goods space, which led to a partnership. TREE by Whaler

Meeting people in MetaCartel gave us connections in multiple aspects. Snapshot

It’s been very meaningful. The MetaCartel grant felt validating. We met great people and DAOs and were able to turn down VCs. Contribute

The MetaCartel grant helped us to get 10x more money moving through the app, with 250% more DAOs summoned and 300% more individuals using it. DAOhaus

“With MetaCartel’s grant, we were able to incentivize and help developers from Nigeria get into the ecosystem.” web3bridge

The MetaCartel grant was good signaling, especially at that time when centralized projects were trying to take over. Moloch Mystics

The MetaCartel grant let us quit our full time jobs to join web3. Sablier

The MetaCartel grant served first as validation. Second was the connections with people, including context on DAOs. Llama


2.55719 ETH is deployed onto Hop Exchange. This initiative began with 2.55 ETH on July 6, 2022. The current yield is 10.71%. Yields were much lower at the start. As of August 9, 2022, the initiative has earned 0.00719 ETH ~ $12, with an approximate effective annualized yield of 3.3%.

Differentiation (from other projects)

There’s no other community like MetaCartel. A grant from the MetaCartel DAO is a signal to the entire Ethereum ecosystem that a project has access to, and approval from, the wisdom of an exceptional collection of experienced Web3 collaborators.

MetaCartel not only funds impactful Web3 projects that help us slay Moloch, they also steward the teams responsible for these projects.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Coordinator: Yalor, MetaCartel

DeFi Strategy and Management: Iceman and Lindsey, Hedgy Finance

Scribe: BorrowLucid, ReallyBoringGuild

Disclaimer: Iceman, Lindsey and BorrowLucid are sweating for MetaCartel shares.

Grant Request

As much as MolochDAO is willing to part with

What the Funds Are For

All funds will go directly into the Gnosis safe that fuels the MetaCartel Treasury Sustainability initiative. As progress is made on the DeFi strategy, funds will be fed into the MetaCartel DAO main treasury, which funds grants and supports ragequit. The initial capital will remain in the DeFi strategy, so that a sustainable supply of funds for grants is maintained.

Help Requested

Give MetaCartel coordination costs and capital resources from MolochDAO.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio:

Hop Exchange

Hedgy Finance

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Here is some more information about MetaCartel grants’ impact:

  • Zapper (supported from hackathon level, to become most used DeFi interface today)
  • Collab Land (supported from a POC stage, to now integrated with 40k+ discords today)
  • Snapshot (supported at grants stage, now becoming most used DAO voting tool today)
  • Catalog (supported at grants stage, now becoming a leading music NFT archiver)
  • Gelato Network (supported at grants stage, now facilitating 200k+ monthly txs)
  • Known Origin (one of the earliest NFT art platforms, acquired by eBay)
  • DAOhaus (early Moloch DAO launcher, now 200m+ TVL under management)
  • rDAI (early POC around tokenized DeFi interest, core team going on to build Superfluid)
  • Nifty Chess (POC around tokenizing chess games, now integrated with
  • RocketNFT (NFT lending project by Alex Masmej, now gone on to build Showtime)
  • Sablier (the first DeFi asset streaming protocol, acquired by HiFi)
  • BeToken (DAO governed investment fund, team now building 88mph & Sudoswap)
  • MetaCartel Ventures (launched the first ever legally wrapped investment DAO)

Lindsey here from Hedgey. Incredible to see the list of projects supported by Metacartel grants. I think it goes a long way in showing the early impact Metacartel has had on shaping so many big projects.

The big goal with the Treasury Sustainability Initiative is to keep Metacartel in a position where it can keep funding early projects with its grants. Rather than money it receives only flowing out, we want to see what better impact we can make if the treasury is able to generate yield, and then fund grants off of that yield. The moonshot goal is to get Metacartel to a state where it can fund grants completely on yield. While there’s a lot of work to get there, any amount of funding moves Metacartel towards that direction.

With the history of Metacartel and the role it’s already played, I definitely want to do whatever we can to move it towards being a sustainable giver of grants and able to fund its next 100 projects.

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I have to be honest, I am not really satisfied with this last grant we awarded MetaCartel and lack of updates:

I don’t think it makes sense to fund this.

this doesn’t make sense to fund treasury management. i’d like to get Moloch back to its roots of funding Public Goods

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to review this proposal. I will continue to collect data and hopefully return later with a proposal that MolochDAO members feel worthy of funding.